Thursday, May 3, 2007

Ron Paul: The dark horse candidate?

It's WAY too early to figure out who will be the RepubliCrat "choices" in 2008, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Ron Paul may be the most perplexing candidate for the media.

Here's the why: Ron Paul doesn't fit most media templates. CNN can't cover a guy who's anti-United Nations without exposing CNN for being a cheerleader for the UN. MSNBC can't cover Paul because... well, nobody watches MSNBC. Fox News won't touch the guy because he's not a Republican Team Player.

I'd like to see all that change. I hope tonights' Repub debate gave Paul a boost. It would be a far better thing, at least, to see him up on a debate podium than that schmuck John "Incumbent Politician Protection Act" McCain of McCain/Feingold fame, for instance.

If nothing else... Paul goes against the grain, of just about everyone. I likes that sorta thing.

But, the realist lurking in the depths of my soul tells me the GOP will nominate yet another big-government type, ditto the Dems plus a can of Red Bull for the big-government boost. And the real losers will be the American people, no matter who wins between, say, Hillary and whatever non-Paul candidate gets to be in the finals.

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